Campaign Lifestyle - I Finally Own Mac Velvet Teddy!! by Herp

I feel that I do not have to explain what this post is going to be about, the title says enough...

Whilst I love the must have products of the month, I never really follow celebrity trends when it comes to make up. They always have a different skin type to me, so I find it best to explore for products on my own; but I am always looking to them for inspiration for makeup looks. 

That being said, you cannot deny the allure of Kylie Jenner and what impact she has had on sales of Mac Velvet Teddy. I mean, have you seen her Instagram lastly?!? Her lips are to die for!! 

I have basically been searching for this lipstick for nearly 10 months. It's been sold out in shops everywhere, and I refuse to shop online as there was no other makeup that I wanted to buy on the website. I purchased it about two/ three weeks ago; stood at the lipstick counter with six other girls playing with swatches, when another shopper inquired with the assistant 'do you have Velvet Teddy back in stock?''

We all shook our heads and carried on look at the other lipstick; poor naive shopper, no realising it has been sold out in Harvey Nics for AGES!! To our surprise, the shop assistant replied with 'oh yer! It came back in on Tuesday.' Cue all of us girl's head suddenly pop up, looking around like gazelles. Suddenly, we all wanted needed Velvet Teddy RIGHT NOW.

Sometimes, your camera phone is better at taking portraits than your camera is. I just love the colour on my lips, it's my natural colour but better!! It's perfect for everyday wear, which is exactly what I have been doing for the past few weeks. 

I have heard it has sold out in this past week in Leeds, but no doubt it would be coming back in a few months time. 

Do you own Velvet Teddy? What do you think of this?
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