Campaign Lifestyle - Discovering The Perfect Bikini At Tapas 24 | Barcelona by Herp

 Before you think I went swimwear shopping, it's actually a local dish in Barcelona. And no, it is not the food you are seeing above, you will have to read this post to find out more....

I need to apologies the quality of some of these photographs. For some reason my camera was hating the light in the place, so it is a mixture of camera pictures and iPhone pictures until the phone died. That's what I like about technology- you could really just blog just using your phone camera and you would not tell the difference! 

Anyway, you not here for me to explain about photo composition. Your here for the amazing food I am going to tell you about!! So L and I had tried to go to Tapas 24 a few times whilst we were in Barcelona. However the place is that popular we would be waiting a while and we (or rather I) would get really hungry whilst waiting and search for a quick bite. However this time we came early and prepared (we ate snacks prior to coming out- just in case!!) and surprised that there was no wait and we were quickly seated at the bar ready to browse the menu and choose our dishes.

The menu is small and simple which is great, it means the chefs have that more time to concentrate on the dishes they do have and perfecting them. There is also a special boards which had some amazing unique tapas that you might not find somewhere else. 

Not to be nosy, but this was RIGHT next to us and it was a date that was going incredibly wrong (british couple). Poor guy, nothing he was doing was impressing her.

Oh course, we had to have Patatas Bravas (it would be wrong not to) and some croquettes, beef and chicken I believe. This is the more traditional side of Spanish tapas, these would be perfect for anyone starting out trying tapas. 

This was L's choice and he was so excited to try this out. A very rare and expensive cut of beef, he knew that would most likely never get a chance to give it a go again. The meat itself was perfect, it melted in the mouth with such ease. The creamy sauce was the perfect combination and the size was just right for having a little taste of something new. It was on the special board so fingers cross it will come back soon so you guys can give it a go!! 

And this is the dish you have been waiting to see. This guys is a bikini. Now I know what you are going to say 'it's a sandwich'. But it is not just a sandwich. 

Well okay it is a sandwich. It's the Spanish version of the French Croque Monsieur, but this one came with.... TRUFFLES!! Yes, a nice thin layer of Truffle Oil and Truffle, this sandwich was on another level. Sorry France, you are my one true love when it comes to countries I love- but when it comes a cheese and ham toastie, this sandwich is number one!! 

If you visit Barcelona, this is 100% a place you have to go. It's a place that looks quite, well like an American dive- but the food is incredible!! A total surprise when you visit, such a little gem for the city. 
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